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IQabroad App Update

By May 20, 2014 No Comments

I wanted to add an update for my Parson’s Design & Technology thesis, IQabroad. IQabroad, is a web and mobile application I am developing on that helps students find and track information for gaining internship experience abroad. This past year I’ve conducted user testing, mapped out the user experience and developed a prototype. The app was developed to inspire and empower young people to live and work in cities around the world. Last summer in France at designer Zac Posen’s Paris Showroom. I got the opportunity to write an article for USA Today College “Beyond abroad: Tips to successful interning, working overseas” about how students can find work to navigate landing your dream internships in their desired international city. Being interested in app development, I knew I would love an opportunity to take my experience and research, and use it to create a product that would help others find their dream internships.


I am currently working now on developing a HTML5 website and a mobile app protototype for my final presentation. I prototyped the mobile app using FLINTO. Previously, I have used other apps, and mostly slick to InVision App. InVision App is great and offers many of the same features for non developers. I have to say, while Invision is great, FLINTO is even more intuitive and offers beautiful transitions and easy sharing features.  It’s 4:40am, and I’m still excited to work due to this fun and helpful app.

Tomorrow, I am taking a break from coding and prototyping to go to the book launch of one of my personal heroes, Lauren Berger “The Intern Queen”. I interviewed Lauren in my blog earlier this year. She is launching her book Welcome to the Real World. I was a Campus Ambassador for Lauren’s company for 4 years, and am thrilled to see her launch yet another New York Times Best Seller. I am particularly excited to read it because it directly applies to my life as I work to be my best professional self as I transition into the working world of Los Angeles. The event will be put on by Dell, and I am very excited to mix with both Intern Queen alumns and professionals in the tech world.

I will continue updating and rolling in pictures! I will be showing my work at Parsons School of Design’s Design and Technology show this Thursday and Friday @ 65 5th Ave. I will be showcase work in user experience research and design. I developed a poster that shows the process of user testing, prototyping, branding and development in the creation of digital products.