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IQabroad App Update

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I wanted to add an update for my Parson’s Design & Technology thesis, IQabroad. IQabroad, is a web and mobile application I am developing on that helps students find and track information for gaining internship experience abroad. This past year I’ve conducted user testing, mapped out the user experience and developed a prototype. The app was developed to inspire and empower young people to live and work in cities around the world. Last summer in France at designer Zac Posen’s Paris Showroom. I got the opportunity to write an article for USA Today College “Beyond abroad: Tips to successful interning, working overseas” about how students can find work to navigate landing your dream internships in their desired international city. Being interested in app development, I knew I would love an opportunity to take my experience and research, and use it to create a product that would help others find their dream internships.


I am currently working now on developing a HTML5 website and a mobile app protototype for my final presentation. I prototyped the mobile app using FLINTO. Previously, I have used other apps, and mostly slick to InVision App. InVision App is great and offers many of the same features for non developers. I have to say, while Invision is great, FLINTO is even more intuitive and offers beautiful transitions and easy sharing features.  It’s 4:40am, and I’m still excited to work due to this fun and helpful app.

Tomorrow, I am taking a break from coding and prototyping to go to the book launch of one of my personal heroes, Lauren Berger “The Intern Queen”. I interviewed Lauren in my blog earlier this year. She is launching her book Welcome to the Real World. I was a Campus Ambassador for Lauren’s company for 4 years, and am thrilled to see her launch yet another New York Times Best Seller. I am particularly excited to read it because it directly applies to my life as I work to be my best professional self as I transition into the working world of Los Angeles. The event will be put on by Dell, and I am very excited to mix with both Intern Queen alumns and professionals in the tech world.

I will continue updating and rolling in pictures! I will be showing my work at Parsons School of Design’s Design and Technology show this Thursday and Friday @ 65 5th Ave. I will be showcase work in user experience research and design. I developed a poster that shows the process of user testing, prototyping, branding and development in the creation of digital products.

CSS Animations

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I’ve been looking into code that animates and came across a cool resource I thought I’d share! I haven’t had the chance to test it out but it looks great. The link, created by Dan Eden, offers free open-source code for web animations including: sliding, rotating and flipping images or type. As I start my thesis II class, I am starting to define the goal of my project. I am aiming to combine web animation (which I find exciting and playful) with a needed, robust database that will keep track of users input and shoot out a result. Some of the requirements of my site are: users can create a login, view and save job post, bookmark jobs, as well as a site that can have animated* and tracked step by step pages. Since I’m more familiar with using a CMS for websites and know the advantages when it comes to date, I am looking up using different type of CMSs’ including: WordPress, Drupal and Jumla. Within wordpress I’m considering going a custom Buddypress (social media management platform) since it would track and allow for users. Pretty much, I’ve found each type of site has their advantages, but I’m still in the beginning stages of understanding how to conquer my vision. However, I’m going to continue until I see it work! I’m not sure how much room a CMS will allow for me to code in web animations such as those seen in, but I think a CMS is my best bet since my thesis will require keeping track of data. I think as web designers, we often have to prioritize the needs of the site, and figure out what features are most important when starting to choose our methods. Anyways, just wanted a quick update and provide the link to this! I’ll update with how to goes.

Animate CSS

Screen shot 2014-01-31 at 1.42.56 AM

Fi Inspiration

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This blog is coming to you from the sky! I am currently hundreds of feet above sea level on flight to The City by The Bay: San Francisco. Having lived in San Francisco for a year, I couldn’t be more excited for Mission burritos and Fisherman Warf chowder. Plans for far include: Stanford campus tour, sleepover with friends in San Jose, one night in Haight, adventure Embacardero Market with friends and hit up my absolute favorite restaurants.

Fitting being on a flight, I wanted to share a web design project by  Fi with you that concepts what the future of airline web design.  It’s not only visually inspirational, but seems to clearly showcase the market research and a well thought out user flow. The project executes on many levels that I think that anyone from marketing gurus to digital designers can utilize. This projects attests to the fact that even with a established industry, creative design can add profit and better serve the user. Investing in user-centered, creative design can make a huge difference in brining attention and profit to companies. I learned about FI and many UX tools from my amazingly talented  designer and fellow Parsons student Shem Rajoon (If you haven’t checked out his work you should!)

Design Notes & Lessons from Project:

  • The importance of data-driven research as the basis of visual choices. IU’s approach as first a case-study and second a design project makes them stand out from more visually or conceptually-driven projects
  • When monetizing or adding features be both creative and strategic. For example: Most airlines offer: , FI proposes airlines go beyond the tradition information and ticketing services to act as a one-stop-show resource for travel, weather and bookings.
  • Document the Process show wireframes and thought process

Beyond this project, check out all the Fi projects. They’re my go-to for UX/UI inspiration. Some of my favorites: Sony, Microsoft and Kids Choice Awards

Future of Airline Website Project



My Interview with Lauren Berger: The Intern Queen

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I’m home in laid-back southern California on winter break. Hard to believe it’s winter break considering it’s been 85 degrees, beach days, road trips and relaxed lifestyle. Pretty different than my hectic bustling (and chilly temperature) living in the Big Apple.

Since I have the opportunity to network while I’m in LA, I’ve been reaching out to connections and researching for my thesis. I had the privilege to score a meeting with one of my greatest role-models, the incredible successful CEO Lauren Berger. I’ve had the opportunity to work with Lauren in the past as a Intern Queen campus ambassador. I don’t want to give too much away before my I publish my interview, but Lauren had some fantastic advice not only for my thesis, but for professional success and job hunting.lbSome of my favorite tips include:

  • practicing skype with friends before interviews
  • printing out job descriptions to match to your resume
  • narrowing in the a dream list of 10 employers.

I plan on conducting more interviews in the coming weeks of successful career experts, expats and students with experience or a desire to live abroad. If anyone has studied or worked abroad (or has a desire to) I’m gathering contacts for my thesis.

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Set of illustrations made for the Magazine Aire’s section “Cosmopolis”

The simplified graphic nature of this project captures the energy and personality of each the cities such as my home New York, Shanghai and Buenos Aires. I look to this project when considering mapping and urban projects for it’s success in documenting culture in simple graphics. For me. it’s drives home the importance of studying the background of the environment throughly before beginning the design process. In Magazine Aire’s illustrative series, the  pieces execute color and form in a way that I would hope to execute in my thesis project’s survey function. Playful is a key word to my research, where interactive design works to merge the user and the project. Fun illustrations that capture personality such as this project inspire me to continue to develop, research and the cultural cities I hope to involve in my work.