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This blog is coming to you from the sky! I am currently hundreds of feet above sea level on flight to The City by The Bay: San Francisco. Having lived in San Francisco for a year, I couldn’t be more excited for Mission burritos and Fisherman Warf chowder. Plans for far include: Stanford campus tour, sleepover with friends in San Jose, one night in Haight, adventure Embacardero Market with friends and hit up my absolute favorite restaurants.

Fitting being on a flight, I wanted to share a web design project by  Fi with you that concepts what the future of airline web design.  It’s not only visually inspirational, but seems to clearly showcase the market research and a well thought out user flow. The project executes on many levels that I think that anyone from marketing gurus to digital designers can utilize. This projects attests to the fact that even with a established industry, creative design can add profit and better serve the user. Investing in user-centered, creative design can make a huge difference in brining attention and profit to companies. I learned about FI and many UX tools from my amazingly talented  designer and fellow Parsons student Shem Rajoon (If you haven’t checked out his work you should!)

Design Notes & Lessons from Project:

  • The importance of data-driven research as the basis of visual choices. IU’s approach as first a case-study and second a design project makes them stand out from more visually or conceptually-driven projects
  • When monetizing or adding features be both creative and strategic. For example: Most airlines offer: , FI proposes airlines go beyond the tradition information and ticketing services to act as a one-stop-show resource for travel, weather and bookings.
  • Document the Process show wireframes and thought process

Beyond this project, check out all the Fi projects. They’re my go-to for UX/UI inspiration. Some of my favorites: Sony, Microsoft and Kids Choice Awards

Future of Airline Website Project