CSS Animations

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I’ve been looking into code that animates and came across a cool resource I thought I’d share! I haven’t had the chance to test it out but it looks great. The link, created by Dan Eden, offers free open-source code for web animations including: sliding, rotating and flipping images or type. As I start my thesis II class, I am starting to define the goal of my project. I am aiming to combine web animation (which I find exciting and playful) with a needed, robust database that will keep track of users input and shoot out a result. Some of the requirements of my site are: users can create a login, view and save job post, bookmark jobs, as well as a site that can have animated* and tracked step by step pages. Since I’m more familiar with using a CMS for websites and know the advantages when it comes to date, I am looking up using different type of CMSs’ including: WordPress, Drupal and Jumla. Within wordpress I’m considering going a custom Buddypress (social media management platform) since it would track and allow for users. Pretty much, I’ve found each type of site has their advantages, but I’m still in the beginning stages of understanding how to conquer my vision. However, I’m going to continue until I see it work! I’m not sure how much room a CMS will allow for me to code in web animations such as those seen in, but I think a CMS is my best bet since my thesis will require keeping track of data. I think as web designers, we often have to prioritize the needs of the site, and figure out what features are most important when starting to choose our methods. Anyways, just wanted a quick update and provide the link to this! I’ll update with how to goes.

Animate CSS

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