My Interview with Lauren Berger: The Intern Queen

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I’m home in laid-back southern California on winter break. Hard to believe it’s winter break considering it’s been 85 degrees, beach days, road trips and relaxed lifestyle. Pretty different than my hectic bustling (and chilly temperature) living in the Big Apple.

Since I have the opportunity to network while I’m in LA, I’ve been reaching out to connections and researching for my thesis. I had the privilege to score a meeting with one of my greatest role-models, the incredible successful CEO Lauren Berger. I’ve had the opportunity to work with Lauren in the past as a Intern Queen campus ambassador. I don’t want to give too much away before my I publish my interview, but Lauren had some fantastic advice not only for my thesis, but for professional success and job hunting.lbSome of my favorite tips include:

  • practicing skype with friends before interviews
  • printing out job descriptions to match to your resume
  • narrowing in the a dream list of 10 employers.

I plan on conducting more interviews in the coming weeks of successful career experts, expats and students with experience or a desire to live abroad. If anyone has studied or worked abroad (or has a desire to) I’m gathering contacts for my thesis.

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Set of illustrations made for the Magazine Aire’s section “Cosmopolis”

The simplified graphic nature of this project captures the energy and personality of each the cities such as my home New York, Shanghai and Buenos Aires. I look to this project when considering mapping and urban projects for it’s success in documenting culture in simple graphics. For me. it’s drives home the importance of studying the background of the environment throughly before beginning the design process. In Magazine Aire’s illustrative series, the  pieces execute color and form in a way that I would hope to execute in my thesis project’s survey function. Playful is a key word to my research, where interactive design works to merge the user and the project. Fun illustrations that capture personality such as this project inspire me to continue to develop, research and the cultural cities I hope to involve in my work.


Thesis Simplified Steps

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Step One-  Carefully choose your host country  (3 months before)

  1. Start dreaming. What do you really want to do? Check out our personalize guide for you!

Step Two-  Apply for Jobs through Our Job Postings and Research Guide (2.5 months before)

  1. Prepare and upload coverletter and resume
  2. Check out the job board an select and drag to bookmark opportunities and we’ll create a contact sheet
  3. Send out emails or make phone calls to your list of opportunities and continually follow-up
  4. Prepare for interview and score the job

Step Three-  Let’s Start! Gain permission to relocate by getting  visa or documents needed (2.5 months before)

  1. Read  Visa/Documents page
  2. Use our easy visa calculator to calculate  and download your needs for your countries/program
  3. Download and fill out needed documents
  4. Submit Documents at least one month prior to trip
  5. If needed, read our FAQs on problem shooting

Step Three-  Create closure in your living situation (2 months before)

  1. [LINK] We will calculate a good housing options for you and link you to housing sites
  2. Make sure your housing, schooling, work and life is all set to finish by the time you plan to start abroad

Step Four-  Preperation, packing and plane tickets

  1. Links to sister sites for discounted student plane tickets
  2. Checklist for packing items and preparation

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