About Insights

Insights are multiple projects put out about YouTube targeting, news and analytics. In working with ZEFR’s marketing and analytics teams. I got to create designs for the quarterly ebook reports and managed the blog redesign.

About Cars in Context

In March 2016, Insights released the report ‘Cars in Context’ about the auto vertical on YouTube. My role was to layout visuals, charts and graphs, create infographics and make a version for web and print. The book was printed and distributed at AdWeek 2016 as well as online.

Landing Page

I was tasked to create a landing page that could be universal template for new ebook releases. The goal was to  generate effective leads from the users visiting the page. Because of that, I wanted to header to showcase unique value, the copy to be clear and bulleted, and the forms to ask for only the most essential information.


Final Design


Charts & Graphs