Project Brief: This Microsite was made for IPG Media Labs in partnership with ZEFR to release a joint study on the effectiveness of running video ads alongside contextually relevant content on YouTube. The research includes almost 9,000 consumers, 5 different industry verticals and also examines 4 different types of contextual targeting methods.


The creation of the site took a total of two months. My team created the site using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Adobe Muse to help bring the scroll-based animations to life. My role in the project was helping creating visual illustrations, wire-framing the site structure, web development and trouble-shooting the final code.

User Experience

I worked alongside a team of three to brainstorm and research the best way to present the given data, and went through the process of user research and storyboarding. Once the wireframes and the narrative were approved, we then went on to develop a playful, flat, and illustrative art direction and user-experience.

 I L L U S T R A T I O N S