ZEFR, an ad tech company, wanted their audience to feel competence of the deep technology the company had to offer. My creative team’s mission was to create a landing page that visually illustrated their technology’s story.


We developed a scroll-based animated site that allowed the user interact with the story of mapping the social video environment. We felt that providing a simple, understandable illustration for each point was essential to guiding the user to understand the complex software.


My role in the project was to explore the UX design and develop of the site. The site was coded mostly in JavaScript using a library for scroll-based animation. We embedded only one video, and I timed it so that on each scroll the video would play to the correct point in the animation.


I worked with my team of myself, a video editor and another designer to concept and develop the site’s style. We each worked closely as a team and communicated efficiently to develop the illustrations, animations and execute the vision for the launch.


We decided a user needed to be guided through a narrative given the complexity of the software, and utilized dots as a representation for the campaigns ZEFR sorts through. In the end, our site aimed to showcase to users the value of ZEFR’s software in a playful and logical way.

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